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This page has been written by : Neena Bhatnagar

What is a 'Genetics Consultation'?

For those individuals who are facing an increased risk of developing a cancer due to familial inheritance, a specialized genetics consultation helps in identifying whether a cancer is hereditary, and if yes, what can be done to prevent it from developing. Options for genetic testing, early detection, risk reduction and prevention, and research opportunities are discussed.

Who would benefit from a genetics consultation? In other words, which individuals should consider for a genetics consultation?

The outline below will assist you in deciding whether a genetics consultation would be beneficial for you and your family

  • Several family members with cancers

  • Cancers in 2 or more generations in your family

  • A relative with a confirmed cancer genetic mutation

  • Early-age onset of adult cancers; family members diagnosed at younger ages than in the general ( eg. below 35 years of age for breast cancer, or in the 40's for colon cancers)

  • Family members with cancer in more than one location (not a spread, or metastasis) ie. in two different or paired organs

  • Other unusual conditions such as skin markings, or growths alongwith a cancer diagnosis

  • Genetic disorders in cancer patient or family

  • Rare or unusual cancers

  • Concerns about hereditary issues related to cancer

How does the Genetics Consultation function?

In a "Genetics Clinic', a systematic history of the individial as well as other assessments are done. Click on this next page, titled GENETICS RISK ASSESSMENT to understand this in detail.