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Are these facts for real?

There is no end to such facts and figures. Breast cancer in India is reaching alarming proportions.

Moral of the story: Breast cancer cannot be prevented. If it has to happen, it will happen. However, the deaths due to breast cancer can definitely be reduced. And that can be done, only and only by 'being aware' of symptoms of breast cancer and reporting to doctor on time. A stitch in time saves nine. Saves lives. Read on about early detection of breast cancer.

Should I be afraid then?

No, not at all! We don't have to be afraid, we need to be 'alert', we need to be 'aware'. Western countries like the US began their breast cancer awareness programmes way back in the 1980s, and as a result of those efforts, finally the death rate due to breast cancer started showing decline, for the first time, in early 2000s. It took them two to three decades to achieve that. So you can imagine the roadmap for India - we have not even started - we have a long long way to go.

Correct information is... half the war won already. It is our aim to guide you on everything related to breast cancer in India - from the latest statistics on breast cancer in India (2020), to early detection of breast cancer, from entire treatment journey of breast cancer to motivating survivor stories, from excellent videos to explain breast cancer to the only active online support group for breast cancer patients and care givers in India - We have it all. And we keep updating on a regular basis - Last updated on 22nd May, 2020.
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What are the symptoms of breast cancer? How to look out for them? What are the tests, and how is it treated - surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy etc. All about breast cancer that you ever wished to know. All, with a special footnote from an Oncologist, for each section, on what is done. Click on the button below to see the section; you will be taken to the SilverLine OncoCare website:


A detailed and authentic study of statistics on breast cancer in India, including individual statistics for many cities and finally a global comparison as of today. The latest available statisitcs are from Globocan 2018, which have been sourced and explained in detail, by Dr. Sumeet Shah, Surgical Oncologist and Breast Cancer Treatment Specialist, from Mumbai.


Early Detection of BC

A Stitch in time saves nine. To improve survival, it is essential to detect breast cancer early. Read in detail on the guidelines on how to remain alert, and how to catch it early

Familial Breast Cancer

6 to 8 percent (or probably even more) of all cases of breast cancers are likely to be hereditary, meaning, they can be passed on in the family from a mother to her children. Read on about same and what to do.

Lymphedema Exercises

Arm swelling or 'Lymphedema' is the one thing which almost all breast cancer patients, who have undergone a complete surgery in the arm pit, are likely to have. See what exercises can be done, to reduce the chances.


Youtube Channel

See videos explaining the symptoms of breast cancer, the signs to watch out for, discussion on treatment, discussion on common side effects and how to tackle, interviews of survivors, etc.

The Pink Diaries

Read brave and motivating stories from indian breast cancer survivors. This link will take you to The Pink Initiative site, which has given a platform to survivors to share their journeys


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About: Early Detection of breast Cancer and its imporance, especially for a coutrny like India

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A motivating story of how a runner, helped by her friends, battled Breast Cancer in COVID times.

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There are umpteen breast cancer sites. Why this site?

There are many sites related to breast cancer, but barely a few from India. Most Indian sites are purely commercial, with no effort at making the reader understand anything at all about breast cancer. Ours is probably one of the few Indian sites giving Indian breast cancer statistics. And most importantly, we have drafted our sections on 'All about breast cancer' and 'Journey of Breast Cancer', in as simple a language as possible, for the reader to understand better. Our aim is simple - to reach out to you.

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